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Manuel & Valentina

A wedding is at the end a party, a big party with family and friends. And this one it was truly a real one, I enjoyed and laughed as much as everyone did it. Manuel and Valentina got married in San Vicente Church and from there they moved to the restaurant and finally til Cala d'Hort. I felt part of the wedding every moment and felt very welcomed all the way until the end. Thank you again, guys, for giving me the chance to document your day. It was a big " piacere".

Manuel y Valentina hicieron de su boda una gran fiesta y yo me sentí como un invitado más. Italia es claramente un país de gente que sabe coma pasarlo bien. Se casaron en San Vicente y de ahí, tras pasar por Cana Sofía, fuimos a Cala d'hort y al mirador de Es Vedrà. Una boda, pequeña, intima y divertida; un placer estar ahí y poder fotografiarla.

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