Ibiza wedding photographer


Life is a trip.

A trip about people,

about stories,

about love.

When I was a kid, teachers I used to tell me my head was in the clouds…

When I was a kid, teachers I used to tell me my head was in the clouds…


A little about me…


Hello, my name is Darío. I consider myself a normal guy. I was born in 1986 in Es Codolar, my place in Ibiza. Although I lived abroad for a while, the island called me back and here I am, happy living surrounded by pine woods, sand dunes and the sea.

I have been working as a wedding photographer for the past ten years. My style is photojournalistic with an artistic touch. I love playing with lighting, shapes and colours and I’m continuously forming myself, learning from fellow photographers, always striving to become a better photographer.

Storytelling is what I love most; books, movies, photographs. A single image can reveal so much.


Sometimes, I fly!

Literally, I mean, my drone does. I’m a fully licensed pilot, authorised by the Air Security Spanish Agency (AESA). You can see my work as drone pilot at ibiza-drone.com.

Seeing the world from above is a special feeling. Scenarios always look different if you change the perspective.

Don’t hesitate to ask me about bringing a drone to your wedding.

I hope some of the love stories showcased on this website will move you, leaving you with a salty Ibiza feeling in your hair.





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